About Me

Born & brought up in India, I have always considered myself a native Indian. I have studied music for most of my life, but really only began when I was introduced to the mandolin in 2001, jamming on a 20 dollar beater with a buddy on guitar. Previously I had only heard of the mandolin from my father. My great father, Badrinath Chatterjee, is a well known Mandolin player. I am in the process of tracking down his instrument, as it is rumored to be a Loar era instrument.

Like all players, I have learned to appreciate all genres of music, particularly I love how the mandolin, though perceived as a traditional classical, or bluegrass instrument, can be applied to all styles of play.

Music is such a spiritual endeavor, and a life-time pursuit. Great music crosses language, culture, and emotion. And, like a great novel, sound can evoke every spectrum of human emotion. At some point in my medical and family life, I decided I wanted to grow through my lifetime into a musician that can hopefully deliver the resounding variation of sound and emotion through the mandolin. While I dabble in other instruments, mandolin is my vector. The sound appeals to me, and is unique enough to change other more known tunes into something new.

I pride my self in loving and listening to all music, from pop to jazz to classical to choro to bluegrass and to “great music.” I am inspired by the mandolin greats, Marshall, Thile, McReynolds, Monroe, Grisman, Steffey, Statman, Stiernberg…there are so many.

But I am also inspired more so by music itself, and by the friendships I have developed through music. Some of my greatest influences have been my former band-mates. More importantly, I have created unbreakable relationships with my friends in music.

I hope you enjoy my music, and feel free to email with any questions you have about music and the mandolin.


~Sayan Chatterjee


15th floor

Mandolinist Sayan